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Beth Holley’s Story of Starting a Montessori School

Beth Holley

Serving the Under-Served with Quality and Single Minded Passion


Meet Beth Holley, the founder of Renaissance Montessori School.

As a young 20-something, she was invited to visit a Montessori school.  Instinctively, she recognized the missing elements from her own education.

She was quick to notice the beauty in the environment, the freedom of movement and of choice, the quiet enthusiasm of the teacher, the attractive and seemingly advanced learning materials, and the calmness of the children.

Iintrigued, she set out to learn more about the method.

That was the beginning of Beth’s love affair with the Montessori method and that love affair culminated in her starting her own Montessori school in the year 1992.

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Summer’s Story

Peaceful+Valley+Montessori+School+Day+at+the+Golden+Valley+Arts+and+Music+Festival+#luvmymontessoriSummer Picha and Katie Wagoner were inspired to start a year-round Montessori school after attending a conference in Chicago.

They opened their doors in September 2010 with one student. Their school, Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy, is located in the Golden Valley area of the Twin Cities (Minnesota, USA).  It is a year round school serving infants through kindergarten-aged students.  They are growing by leaps and bounds and have just opened a new facility to accommodate their new enrollments.

I asked Summer to share the story of their startup days with us. I have come back to read this story over and over again and continue to be amazed at Summer’s spirit and tenacity.  I think you will find her background and success very inspiring!

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