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How to Apply

1.  You will need a Facebook account if you don’t already have one
2. Read the Membership Requirements and Community Guidelines below
3. Fill out the form below
4. Click “Join” on the Montessori Entrepreneurs Facebook group page
5. Your  join request will be approved if you meet the membership requirements.
6. Introduce yourself in the group; tell us about your business and share your dreams of how you’re going to make a difference for yourself and the world with your Montessori venture!

If you have requested to join but have not been approved yet, it means that you’re missing one of the above steps.  Please make sure you’ve clicked the “join” button and have completed the application form below.  

If you have followed all the steps but still have not been approved, please try applying again in case your application did not go through.  

Please note: You MUST meet the membership requirements in order to be approved.

Membership Requirements

1.  You must own or operate a Montessori-related business that is not a school.  Product and service based businesses are welcome.  Montessori blogs that are intended to be income-generating are also welcome.  For non-income hobby blogs, we recommend connecting with other Montessori bloggers on the Montessori Bloggers Network.

2.  If you have not yet started your Montessori business, please complete Section 2 summarizing your business plan and Montessori credentials.  You will be accepted at the discretion of the administrator.

3. Participation is required. Once you are approved, please introduce yourself so we all know “who is in the room”. Regular participation by way of posts, comments, or likes is expected.


Community Guidelines

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