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How to Apply

1.  You will need a Facebook account if you don’t already have one
2. Read the Membership Requirements and Community Guidelines below
3. Click “Join” on the How I Started My Montessori School group page
4. Fill out the form below
5. Your  join request will be approved if you meet the membership requirements.
6. Introduce yourself; tell us how you started your school or what your dreams are!  Also fill out the “Top Tips” document with your best success tips and lessons learned.

If you have requested to join but have not been approved yet, it means that you’re missing one of the above steps.  Please make sure you’ve clicked the “join” button and have completed the application form below.  

If you have followed all the steps but still have not been approved, please try applying again in case your application did not go through.  

Please note: You MUST meet the membership requirements in order to be approved.


Membership Requirements

1.  Must have completed professional Montessori training and have a minimum of 3 years experience leading a Montessori classroom. We expect that members will have an understanding of essential Montessori concepts as they pertain to a classroom setting. At this time, Montessori training aimed at homeschoolers is not eligible.

2.  You must be a current or former owner of a Montessori school, or be planning to start one in the near future.  We want all members to be able to contribute intelligently.  If you’re brand new to the process of starting a school, you’ll have lots of questions, which is a great way to get discussions flowing!  But if you’re not really planning to start a school and don’t have experience running one, you won’t have much to say.

3. Participation is required. Once you are approved, please introduce yourself so we all know “who’s in the room”. Regular participation by way of posts, comments, or likes is expected.



Don’t Meet the Requirements?

Don’t worry! Try these other great resources:

  1. You can request to join similar groups on Facebook.  None of the following have an application at this time:
    Planning a Montessori School
    Montessori in the Family Child Care
    Montessori Leadership
    Montessori Administrators
  2. Want to discuss parenting and beginner info about Montessori?  Go to Montessori101
  3. Want to discuss Montessori pedagogy and curriculum with amazing Montessorians around the world?  We highly recommend the Montessori Teachers group (be sure to read the acceptance guidelines in their description section).

Community Guidelines


This is a “Closed” Facebook group. Anything posted in the group will show up in the newsfeeds of members only. Your friends will not see your postings unless they too are members. Read more about FB group privacy settings here: https://www.facebook.com/help/220336891328465/?ref=u2u

By being a member of this group you agree to maintain the confidentiality of all members and topics discussed. Of course, please use common sense and your discretion with the amount of information you share about yourself.

Names of students and parents should NEVER be mentioned in this group. Any mentions of such individuals will be deleted.

You may upload files of documents that you have created. You may not upload or share documents that you have purchased elsewhere and/or that you do not own the rights to. This includes marketing materials, handouts, record keeping, curriculum materials etc. If you would like to recommend a resource, please provide a link or the contact information for the original source.


We’re all Montessorians here and we treat each other with respect. Speak kindly and with understanding. Disagreements are fine, but please approach all conversations with the attitude of seeking to learn. In that vein, no professional Montessori training or background will be considered superior/inferior to another. We all interpret Montessori in our own unique way.

1- write a post introducing yourself. If you are uncomfortable sharing your plans for the future out of respect for your current employer, just tell us about how you found Montessori and why you love it.

2- Participate in at least ONE of the following ways 3-4 times a month:
-LIKE someone else’s comment/post (this is very easy to do…!)
-COMMENT on someone else’s post
-POST something new

We will post participation reminders regularly, but we don’t want to clutter newsfeeds with nonsense so it won’t be too often.

WHY is there a participation requirement? We would really like to keep this a small and focused group. If you’re interested in being a part of this group, please join in and share your wisdom/experience or ask questions so we can learn from each other. Also, if you’re planning to be a school administrator, you’re going to have to tap into your inner extrovert and put yourself out there a bit. Consider this training!